Wiloje Soap

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We create handmade "lye" soap from scratch at our Wiloje Soap Studio located in Houston, TX. We are a tiny little company with high hopes and aspirations. Remember, we don't only make lye soaps; we also have novelty soaps and soy candles. We hope to add more items to our store.

We are hoping to one day have an actual retail location, where you can purchase our products.

We pride ourselves in making every single item as it is being ordered to ensure the highest quality.

Our handmade lye soap is created in 5 pound batches at our studio.

Our Lye soap is created by one of two processes, the cold or hot method is used when we create our bars.

Each process gives the soap a different unique feel and look.

Cold process soap makes soap look hard and smooth, and it can take anything between a month to six months to cure before its ready to hit the shelves and be ready for use.

Hot process soap gives soap a beautiful rustic feel and it is a bit softer than cold process.

This soap can be made and used between 24hrs to 72hrs.

Not only do we create soap from scratch, but we also offer glycerin novelty soap which is ready made to order as are our soy candles.

Please stay tune to our future products as well will be adding many more and exciting things.

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